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3/31/2022 - A new section is going up today. More information on Featured Collections soon.

7/30/2019 - Large number of serial numbers being updated, beginning today.

8/1/2018 - New sections are going up, including The Collections. After a quick Gold Certificate update, the Federal Reserve Note section is going to get a much needed overhaul.

2/11/2018 - Large number of census updates in progress. It has been a long time in coming, so this may take a few weeks.

2/17/2017 - Every census listing has been updated with all new serial numbers except the $10 Series of 1928 Gold Certificates (B-A Block) and the Federal Reserve Note census listing page. There are many new listings in the works for the Federal Reserve Notes. Also new to the website is the Articles section.

2/5/2017 - New pages concerning plate data coming soon. Also we have more Federal Reserve Note listings to be added. As has been pointed out, there are grammatical and spelling errors in the listing descriptions. We are going to be fixing those. :)

1/13/2017 - Happy New Year! We are back from the 2017 Winter F.U.N. Coin Show in Florida. Thanks to everyone for the new serial numbers and note information. Census listings will be updated throughout the week.

12/11/2016 - We are just about ready for the project to go back online with the new website. If you had a chance to use the old layout, you will probably notice some changes. We have reduced a lot of the more cumbersome elements. Also, Plate Position Letters, Face and Back Plate Numbers have also been removed from the census listings. That information will be present on another page in the near future. If a listing is posted, it is current, but not all of the census listings have been entered in yet. Most of the missing listings are in the Federal Reserve Note section.