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Acknowledgements & Resources


Acknowledgements is the result of years of work in the currency field. But that result would not be possible without the contributions of many dedicated currency experts, collectors, and dealers who were nice enough to freely share their knowledge. These contributions include serial number data, printing information, and individual notes reported. Listed below are notable contributors to this project. A ★ beside a name represents those individuals who have contributed a good amount to this project.

Jeff Brueggeman
Robert Caulderman ★
John DeRocker
Marc Fontes
Martin Gengerke ★
Greg Hartel
Robert Horowitz
David Koble
Scott Lindquist ★
Marc Michaelsen ★
Greg Mullins
Cody Regennitter
Bill Russell ★
John Schwartz
Dave Undis
Jay Weinstein ★
David Zeller ★

Resources - A superior reference for Plate Numbers, Serial Number Ranges, and Printing Information. - A great place to gain knowledge from some of the best researchers in the paper money industry. An educational forum for collectors, currency dealers, and researchers alike.

Standard Guide to Small-Size U.S. Paper Money (1928-Date) - An invaluable resource by Scott Lindquist and John Schwartz. This book is great for anyone looking to collect U.S. paper money.

Society of Paper Money Collectors Magazine - A magazine by and for collectors. Loads of great information and articles by some of the most knowledgeable people in the business.